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Tips for You if You Want to be a Timber Floor Staining Expert

Timber flooring is now getting more popular as they give a natural and stylish look to your floor. When it comes to installation, it can only be installed by professionals as it is a complex job to do. An ordinary many can’t do this job by himself. After installation, there is plenty of work still to be done to make it more attractive and stylish. It also includes staining. A few tips are mentioned here and if you follow these you can become a timber floor staining expert and do this job by yourself.

As apply stain is also not a simple task and it requires some expertise to do this job. But if you want to do it by yourself then here are a few guidelines for you. First of all, you need to prepare the floor. If you are renovating your house and the wood surface is an older one and already been treat by different kind of finish or chemical substance then you have to thoroughly sand the entire surface. Take your time and make sure that each and every corner of the room has been sanded comprehensively. Sanding affects the colors of staining so it should be done properly. After that floor should be water popped, this is done by spraying water on the surface before applying the stain. It will also greatly intensify the colors.

Make sure that you remove all furniture and pictures from the room before starting this work. Cover curtains, ducts, power points etc. with duct tape and plastic sheets. Punch exposed nail in the floor with a hammer and also cover the doorways which are not going to be sanded. Open windows and doors for ventilation. After that, you should start sanding it will save these things from dust and marks.

Now you are ready to apply stain to the floor. Apply with a flexible trowel. You can also apply it with a paint brush. Don’t leave any excess stain on the surface. Shortly after applying it can be removed by a buffer. So make sure that you remove the excess stain as you go. Don’t worry about overlapping the areas. If you are removing the excess amount as you go then you don’t have to worry about it, it won’t leave any joints marks. After initial application, you need to let it dry. The dry time may take 12 to 24 hours depending on the atmospheric conditions. During that time it is prohibited to walk on that floor.

You can also apply another coat to the surface. Applying two coats of stain to your floors will result in dark colors, however, this may be necessary to obtain the exact color you wish for. When staining hardwood floors, you must be careful as too much stain can result in darker colors and too little stain can result in lighter colors. So it is advised that you should do a test on a small surface before applying the stain to the whole surface so that you get the color of your desire, as they will react differently depending on the timber species. If you follow the above-mentioned procedure you can be a timber floor staining expert.


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