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Strut Cards – A Great Way To Show Off Your Business

Strut Cards – A Great Way To Show Off Your Business

Strut Cards are a great way of getting your message across without the need for vast amounts of copy. They can be punchy and promote you and your business at a glance. Let us think some of the many ways that you can use a show card to good advantage:

Strut Cards


– Flyers are a good way of identifying key areas of your business and highlighting them to be easily and efficiently communicated. Bullet points with only a little narrative are the best way to utilize these.

– Postcards can be mailed out to customers to detail a special offer or a promotion, to remind them of a diary event, or to update them of some new development within your business. They are an effective way of keeping in touch with your customers and of reminding them of your presence.

– Comments cards are used as a good way of getting customer feedback and of collecting email and contact details at the same time. They are a valuable way of building a mailing list of new and potential customers and clients.

– Discount cards contain all your company information and are kept handy by customers as they are used by them to save money. They are a constant reminder and keep your brand fresh in peoples’ minds.

– Loyalty cards also promote your business and encourage buying from your company rather than another one because of the benefits and inducements available to be earned.

– Swing tickets are used on goods to identify product information, size, price, with the company brand on the reverse side.

– Door hangars are used in shops and regularly in hotel bedrooms – think of the ‘do not disturb’ sign, or the continental breakfast order.

– Report covers can be personalised and then used to imprint your company identity on an important piece of work.

– Menus can be regularly updated to freshen up the company brand and show new options and choices as the seasons change.

All these are valuable uses of a show card, and demonstrate how versatile they can be as a way to promote your business. Sometimes it is useful for them to be laminated, so that they become durable and easy to keep clean and fresh looking, especially important in the case of a restaurant menu. Other times they need to be easy to write on – if they are being used to provide customer feedback.

Some companies choose to personalise their show cards and have them cut into interesting shapes, like a coffee cup for a cafe loyalty card, or a dogs’ bone for a pet shop, or a champagne bottle or a flower for a special promotion. Anything can be possible with your show card.

Some Basic Rules Apply

– Keep your brand identity clear and consistent throughout all your company literature, so that your clients get to know and recognise you at a glance.

– Keep the message simple and to the point. Do not over complicate your card with everything about your company. You are using it as an invitation to engage in business with you, to promote some specific aspect of your business, so convey that message and then allow the card to work for you.

Strut Cards



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