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Some Interesting Facts About Documentary Production In Sydney

The first documentary was presented to the World in 1895, titled “Workers leaving the Lumiere factory”. This was made by the Lumiere brothers with an invention of their own, the “cinematograph.” This device weighed only 16 pounds and could make actual movies as well as display them on a screen. The device was operated with a hand crank. Within 5 years in 1900, the audience was able to view these documentary productions on a 53 by 69-foot screen. With the advancement in technology, the methods for documentary production in Sydney have vastly improved, with digital cameras and videos being used that can instantly playback a recorded scene.

A documentary can be described as a nonfictional motion picture with the aim of capturing some bearing from the real World. The purpose of documentary being to educate, instruct as well as serve as a historical record.

Documentary Production Sydney

Documentary Production Sydney

A few definitions of “documentary” have been coined. The Scottish documentary maker John Grierson, described it as “Creative treatment of actuality”. Grierson believed that a real presentation of life with original actors and original scenes portrayed a much better interpretation of real events and was far better than actors performing a historical movie. “Life caught unawares” is a definition described by Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov. American critic Pare Lorenz describes documentary as a “Factual film which is dramatic.”

Recording documentaries in current times are done by digital cameras. A digital camera records images electronically rather than on film and is hence capable of being very light and compact as compared to the equipment used about two decades ago. Sounds are also recorded digitally. The storage capability of a digital camera is immense making a movie camera storage comparatively seem like a joke.

Documentary Production Sydney

Documentary Production Sydney

In the past, professional state-sponsored documentary makers had a great deal of bias in them, projecting and presenting documentaries as they wanted them in their negative minded approach. Now with the advent of the digital camera, many amateurs make documentary clips without any negativity bias, presenting events as they occurred. Soldier and police brutality filmed by amateurs from mobile cameras has brought this to the attention of a high level of awareness. These mini mobile documentaries are then posted on social media like Facebook, YouTube and more. Many of these amateur documentaries go viral with a huge viewing. In fact, in many cases, amateur documentary production in Sydney is considered to have a greater element of truth in them.

The mobile phone is carried by a vast majority of people and dramatically captures some horrible moments, like moments before an aircraft crash. A picture that comes to mind is a camera picture that caught the Tsunami wave just before that engulfed the land. Many times documentaries are presented in such a way so as to distort facts. Documentary production is something that is best left to the professionals if you are doing it for commercial purposes.


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