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Questions you should ask before hiring a painter

You must know that painting of a building contributes a lot to its outlook. If the paint is not smooth and is patched, then no matter how much you have decorated your house, it will not look maintained. Therefore, when you are hiring a painter in Cherrybrook to give your house a makeover, it is very important that you choose the right person. He should be able to bring out the beauty of your house and help it stand out due to its exceptionally looking exterior.

Hence, if you are hiring a painter for exterior or interior of your house, then make sure that you ask him the following questions before letting him take over the job:

  • First of all, ask the painter about the number of coats of paint that he will apply to the exterior of the building. Also, inquire him about the recommended thickness. If he applies only a single coat of paint, then he is not the guy for the job. Good painters usually apply at least two coats of paint so the paint can help to protect the exterior of the building against harsh weather conditions. The coats should not be very thick because thin layers stick to the building better.
  • After that, ask him if he has a valid insurance for the paint job. Most of the people don’t give a lot of attention to the insurance of the painting companies but the truth is that this is very important. This is because sometimes during the painting, a lot of things may go wrong. For example, the paint may splatter on the windows or doors which is very difficult to get off. To avoid problems like this, it is better if the company that provides painting services has an insurance as well.
  • Make sure that you inquire them about the materials that they will be using for the paint job. The products they use should be from a high-end company that offers warranty to their paints. Otherwise, if the painter makes use of cheaper products, then your paint job will look patchy. You will to get your place painted again after just a few months. On the other hand, if the painter makes use of high-quality paint, then you will not even need a polish or a recoat for months to years. Even if the painter charges you a bit more for the service due to the premium quality of the paint products, keep in mind that it is worth the money.
  • Ask your painter if he has proper training for exterior and interior painting. This is because the texture and the procedures of exterior and interior paints are quite different. The painter should know all about both types of paint job separately. If you are short on ideas for colors and patterns, then the painter should be able to help you with that as well. Due to his extensive experience in the painting industry, he must know about a lot of color combinations that will make your place pop.
  • Before you choose your painters, ask them about the number of professionals who will be dedicated to your place. This will give you an estimate of how much time the paint job will take. The more the painters work on your house, the less time it will take.


Hence, you can say that choosing a painter requires serious thoughts and considerations and a lot of things need to be looked at before you make your final decision.


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