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How to pick a good realtor when buying or selling a house

Being a homeowner, if you are looking to buy a house or if someone is ready to buy your house, then your selection of a realtor really counts. A Dallas Monmouth Oregon real estate agent can make a huge difference as to which direction the whole deal is going to go. There is no one particular agent that can satisfy all the clients, your needs are specific and unique and you should spend your time looking for the right person to represent you. This article will highlight the important tips and pointers that you need to keep in mind when looking for a realtor.

Competitive properties

If you are looking to buy a house in a specific neighborhood and you are looking at a number of houses, then would it not be better if you studied the market and the competition first? Your agent should be one-step ahead of you and should prepare for you a competitive market analysis. This would tell you if there is any space for you to either, ask for more money in case you are selling or negotiate more if you are buying.

The analysis should be accurate and realistic so whatever type of transaction you want to perform, you can do so easily. This competitive nature of the agent to stay ahead of the competition is something you have to look for.


A Dallas Monmouth Oregon real estate agent should possess this important quality, because you are going to buy a house, you cannot rush into the whole process emotionally, you need to be objective and carefully evaluate all your options before making a decision. A good agent only offers the most honest and professional opinion, keeping his/her client’s interest in mind.


This one does not sound as important a factor but it is because the agent should possess some useful skill or unique trait that makes him stand out from the other agents. There should be some quality in him that you feel would make him a good guide for your house selling or purchase. He should prove himself useful and should be able to comply with your requirements.


As mentioned above, a good agent knows how to effectively communicate with a client and therefore, fully understand his needs and requirements. After understanding what the client is asking the agent, he can then go on to provide the client with a list of good options as per his/her needs. He will know your budget, concern, and priorities that will enable him to provide a tailored service.

Marketing tactics

The realtor’s marketing tactics should be very modern and up to date because there are hundreds of methods out there like flyers, TV commercials etc. but in today’s world, marketing done today is digital, which is faster, compared to paper flyers. You have to see what kinds of marketing method the agent uses because that will determine how quickly your house will sell.


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