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Hire One of the Animation Studios in Sydney to Market Your Brand Effectively

Research has proven that a person when lands on your website only pays attention for about 8 seconds. If you manage to capture the attention of the person for more than that with your content or manage to explain your business and brand to them effectively, they can become potential customers. In today’s videos are the most effective tools of explaining your product to customers without them losing interest? There are many explainer video production companies in Sydney available that can help your brand reach the next level. Given below are some advantages of making use of explainer videos.


A video for a reason

Explainer videos are not there just to highlight the benefits of choosing your brand. While there are some brands that focus on the professional aspect of the production of a video rather than the content it is embedded with. To get your message across effectively the content in your video needs to be easy to comprehend and should not be overwhelming in quantity. A video can usually hook a person enough to explain your video idea to them within a few seconds and that is what you should strive for. Your video should be engaging enough to grab your viewer’s attention properly.


While you may plan to shoot a video on your own using humans and real life products from your brand, it is still better to go with animated ones. There is so much content out there which features real life humans that people generally find the idea a little plain and old school now. Animated characters are fun to watch and capture your audience’s attention.

Better ranking

It is fairly safe to say that Google loved videos. If your website has a video on its page then Google will automatically rank it significantly higher than other businesses that do not have one. Since your business shows up higher in search results, you also get a lot of organic traffic, which makes it a double win. As an incentive on top, since your website’s ranking is a good one and exposure to it is good too and this can result in more sales!


Explainer videos act more than just a tool for explaining your product or brand. If made properly they can be used as a video to pitch your brand to clients and also as a sales presentation.  They can be published on social media and if your video is a fairly fun one to watch, people of today’s age love to forward videos and your video can go viral too.

It is better to hire an animation studio in Sydney than hiring freelancers or DIY it. With freelancers you will have to interact with three to four people and be the middle man between them. There are countless things that can go wrong and if the end product is not as per your requirements, there will be no one to hold accountable. A professional company will look over the project from start to finish. You will not have to deal with a lot of people, only the company representative and they will communicate with the people on the backend. A company will also be able to give you their expert opinions on your ideas, and if it is a bad one, they will be honest and upfront about it, ensuring that the video of your brand is the one to make a mark.


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