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How to add style to your home with hardwood timber slabs in Melbourne

Choosing the right option for your floors go a long way in enhancing the overall look of the home. You will need to consider design aesthetic, appeal and its purpose, of course not to overlook the cost factor. Being an environmentally conscious person, the issue of forest depletion can be a sensitive topic. We are trying to improve our standards of living at the cost of damaging natural resources. Where there is so much at stake, it is a wise decision to use wood that is not going to be extinct in the coming years.

It is an obvious fact that Hardwood Timber Slabs in Melbourne add style and elegance to your home. These are not just attractive to look at but easy to clean and maintain. This is why they are the number one choice of most people when renovating. It depends which area you are looking to restore and accordingly you can take your pick. Solid wood flooring is going to give a more traditional look. It would be most apt for dining area or even the entrance. However, they are not suitable for use in the basement area where there is excessive moisture.

On the other hand we have the engineered wooding which also happens to be the most common type of flooring used around the world. Its top layer is made out of a component that you want visible while a supporting layer is created through substrate that provides the much needed stability. The reason why this is a more popular choice is because of the durability, faster installation and in case of damage can be easily replaced or repaired. The problem with this type of wood is its length specification which tends to be shorter on average. The trick is to place it in a way that it gets hard to distinguish from solid timber.

It can be tough to decide which one is the right option for you. This is why it is recommended to speak with an expert who can take a tour of your house and recommend you accordingly. You may also discuss your personal color and style. We hope you can find a beautiful piece for your home that adds warmth and comfort.