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Keeping ones electric backup serviceable generator service in Perth

The duo uses for an electric generator. Generators used as a standby electric source during electric outages as well as used as a regular electric power source in areas where electricity is not available. Electric generators have to have periodic scheduled service and maintenance. A proper maintenance schedule should be followed. Failure to do so would most likely result in a seized or damaged generator requiring a complete overall. By spending a relatively small amount on scheduled maintenance a huge amount can be saved by avoiding having to carry out overhauls on seized generators.

Generator service in Perth

Generator service in Perth

What to expect from a generator service in Perth:

  • Calendar cycle schedule. Schedules could be bi-furcated into weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual maintenance.
  • Operating Inspections. Such can be carried out any time the machine is operating. Some specific checks can be done with the generator running in a certain manner.
  • Generator layup Inspections. When not in use generators have to be stored in a layup manner. In not doing so the generator may not run after improper storing after long periods.

Countless accidents have taken place when a water or oil pressure cap is opened while the generator running temperatures are hot. Face and hand burns are common in such accidents. A pressure cap should not be opened before operating temperatures drop below 50 degrees centigrade.  Some common lookouts suggested by Generator service in Perth.

  • Air restriction indicator- should be green-   Replace air filter if faulty
  • Fuel water separator. Check for water contamination in fuel.
  • Water indicating paste—Also a check for water contamination in the fuel
  • Oil in coolant—– indicted by milky water—-replace the head gasket
  • Coolant in oil—indicted by milky oil——-repair cylinder head, engine block or gasket.

In the case of a long time storage layup, disconnect batteries, draining fuel systems, changing filters, draining coolant and filters, replacing air filters, covering all intake and exhaust ports. By following the manufacturer’s instructions the generator can be kept in sound working condition.


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