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Candy Buffet – A Wonderful Delight

You cannot buy happiness but you can always buy candy, and that is kind of the same thing.

Candy Tips:

  • Always store candy in a cool and dry area.
  • If un-wrapped candy must be stored in a closed container. For example, a jar or a zip lock bag.
  • Never freeze a candy.
  • If stored for a longer period of time the optimal temperature is between 18°C to 25°C.
  • Keep calm and eat candy.
  • You are never too old to beg for free candy
  • Bad candies do not exist.
  • Enjoy your candy as much as you can.

You can never go wrong when you are dealing with Lollies and candies. There are some candies that are better than others but there are no candies that taste bad. Some people like sour candies and some like sweet. Some candies are chewy and soft and some candies are jaw breaking hard.


Eating delicious gourmet meals at a fancy restaurant or dining in at exotic locations are great experiences but for some reason, they cannot be as wonderful as some little things in life, like sucking on lollipops or chewing bubble gums or stuffing your mouth with pop rocks. When you are a little kid all you want to do is eat candy. If you are happy and celebrating you eat candy. When you are sad and hurt, you eat candy. Heck, candy is sometimes used as a bribe to motivate kids. When you grow older and eat candy it is kind of euphoric, it reminds you of the silly and happy times like when you use to eat all your Halloween candy at once or eat a chocolate after brushing your teeth, before going to bed.

Mix it up:

Sweets make your memories much sweeter. Sweet treats at your wedding or baby showers should not be limited to cakes. A buffet of candy can serve as an additional dessert or as a favor for your guests. It is a cost-effective gift for your guests, that adds a unique flavor to your decor and it is easy to set up. A beautiful and well-decorated buffet can increase the aesthetic appeal of your party and make it look more colorful and fun.


When making a Best Candy Buffet it is important to choose the right design, layout, accessories, color scheme and the quantity of candy. If you choose too much candy, the candy can be wasted but if you choose too little, your guests will be left hungry and furious. We have estimated that half a pound of candy per person will make your table look full and beautiful and your guest will be happy, with their bellies filled with yummy tasty candy.


Another fun thing when you are building your buffet is the color scheme that you are going to do. If you don’t have a theme the sky is the limit go crazy but not too crazy and also think about how the colors complement each other. For example, if somebody is planning a candy buffet for the baby shower, if it’s a girl you can go for bright sparkly colors like pink and gold or if it is a body you can go for blue and green. Also, add some additional colors because having just one or two colors is boring. You can also use colorful candies to match the color scheme of your candy buffet. Attach strings of lights for added drama and place flower petals to add softness.

Select any candy you like because you can never go wrong when you are dealing with candies.


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