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6 types of rental chairs & add-ons for an event

For any event, chairs are an important element and you can choose from the many appealing design and seating style. Material also makes a big difference and for every event, there has to be a diverse range. While selecting the best chairs isn’t much tough; colour scheme, design and seating style is crucial and it must be perfect to your budget and theme of the event. Have a look at some choices with furniture rental, especially chairs;


  • Chiavari


This is the best option for a wedding as Chiavari chairs are elegant, simple and always looks refreshing. For an anniversary, graduation, birthday and formal or informal gatherings, the style blends in perfectly with the theme. You’ll also get to choose from the variety of beautiful features.



  • Wooden


Not just common but most economical of all, wooden chairs have always been a preferred choice in furniture rental for almost any event. For an outdoor event in particular, folding chairs with padded wood are eminent. Whereas you can add more binge by using ties, colourful ribbons, bows and satin covers per taste and wish.


  • Ghost chairs


Smooth, comfortable and suitable especially for a formal gathering, ghost chairs are entirely translucent, clear and give the event a stunning blend of classic and modern glam. It attracts maximum participants therefore a critical component for any event!


  • Bar stools


For heightened tables and bar stands in an event setting, bar stools fits in perfectly. Standard height of bar stool is 42 inches approximately and designed specifically for the length. Chair rentals also offer different types of bar stools of which some common ones are black bar, Chiavari black, creamy resin, Lucite and more.


  • Banquet chairs


For indoor events and conferences, banquet chairs are the first choice. They’re neatly covered in velvet fire resistant cloth and available in many different shades for particular themes such as black, blue, beige, maroon and more.


  • White wood


Designed exclusively with a natural stance, white wood delivers maximum comfort level with a touch of elegance that you couldn’t ignore. Solid hardwood comes in a mar-resistant white or black enamel with additional options of custom colours so that you may choose it per the like, overall interior décor and theme of the occasion.


While chairs are extremely important, there’re other aspects that you can’t simply overlook. Check out the details below and make it an outstanding event;

  • Furniture rental companies also deal with unique items that give the event a special touch. It can be anything from chandeliers and air-conditioned tents to themed accessories and lighted pedestals so on.
  • Fashionable accessories such as crystal, fine china and themed furniture bring creativity and liveliness to an occasion with a difference.
  • Functional chairs, benches and gunmetal tables are trendiest nowadays and much economical so you can definitely host a successful event without breaking the budget.
  • Natural wood furniture including rustic dining table and chairs are here to stay like forever. They’re aesthetically pleasing that add more charm to elaborate lighting, fabric and floor.


Choosing the right furniture is extremely important for an event as overall outcome depends on it so take advantage of the details above and proceed on track from the start!


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