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Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video to Succeed

It would not be completely wrong to say that online videos have become the most integral part of digital marketing. When a person searches something on Google, videos are the first things that pop up. In order to expand your business or to make people understand your business in a better way or how you want them to perceive it the concept of animated explainer video is a great way for that. These videos range about up to 3 minutes, not more than that because audience retention and interest lies for a very short period of time and one needs to make a lasting impression in this little time frame. The duration of a well-made effective video is 2 to 3 minutes where the video gives a brief explanation of the business without going overboard and bombarding the viewer with unnecessary details. These videos can appear on televisions, at the beginning of YouTube videos or during them and can even be advertised on certain websites that take advertisements.


While one may be able to produce or make an animated video like that but the work will surely not be able to compete with the work of professionals. For your business to come off attractive, you need to invest in a good video production company. The quality of your video will be the deciding factor for people if they want to check out your product or not. A lousy video will definitely give off the impression of your business not being up to par with the competitors while a well-made one may even have non-users lining up. An example of effective video marketing, although not animated can be seen in YouTuber (James Charles’ Morphe X James Charles eye shadow palette promotional video). The way James has created versatile looks that cater from artists to people who use minimum make-up is amazing that it even somehow urges people who do not wear make-up to go out and buy the palette.

Hiring a professional company is a better way to go than hiring individuals because first of all, all of the work will be done under the umbrella of a single company. You do not have to coordinate with 10 different people to get a single video in order and even then the results may not be to your liking because of some miscommunication or the other between the people you hire. With professionals you only have to give them an idea of what you want and to materialize it from scratch is their responsibility.  Hiring a company will also benefit you financially as the total charge will probably be less than what it would cost in hiring several individuals to do certain tasks for the same video. Companies also provide a direct insight as to what may be a hit or miss and if your idea will be appreciated in the market and consumers or not. Their extensive experience allows them to this knowledgeable. Hire a company and get an animated explainer video ready to expand the horizons of your business.


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