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What is Land Lord Insurance and how it can Help You?

If you are a land lord and thinking about renting out your property, land lord insurance can prove very beneficial for you. The aspects that any of these insurances cover vary from one insurance company to another. Landlord insurances in Sydney mostly cover rent, damages and legal expenses.

What is Land Lord Insurance?

Land lord insurance is a way to remain secured in case any tenant decides to misbehave. For instance, if a tenant decides to stop paying rent all of a sudden. If you have land lord insurance, the insurance company will pay you the rent until the tenant is evicted. They will also pay the legal expenses that may incur in the tenant’s eviction process. These companies require a premium to be paid by the customer. The average premium for landlord insurance in Sydney is a little above $1000.

Benefits of Land Lord Insurance

Land lord insurance ensures peace of mind. Various risks are involved when you let a property to a tenant. For instance, the tenant could suddenly stop paying the rent. Even worse, the tenant could cause damage to the property. This could be accidental or intentional. In all these scenarios, the insurance comes to the rescue of the land lord.

The land lords and the insurance company agree upon a fixed amount of rent. This amount is to be paid by the insurance company in case the tenant stops paying the rent. Sometimes, a deal is made that the company will pay until the tenant is evicted. The company also covers all the legal costs involved with evicting the tenant.

Apart from help with tenant situations, land lord insurances can also come in handy even when you are not renting out your property. Building insurances cover the cost of any damages to the house in case of fire, flood or other unfortunate incidents. It is therefore a wise decision to get your property insured, regardless of whether you are renting it out or not.

You may think that you are better off without it as you trust your tenants or you trust that nothing bad will happen to your property. But you can never be too safe. It is always better to prepare for the worst. Sparing a portion of your income and getting insurance now, can help you save yourself from a lot of trouble later.


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