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Tips for Creating a Wonderful Dessert Table

When you are throwing a birthday party or a bridal shower for a friend, the most fun and exciting part is setting and planning for the party. Among other things, you have to worry about the dessert table and what to put on the dessert table. From Lollies or lollipops to cakes and other delicate pastries, there are a lot of options to choose from.


If you have never organized a dessert table before, then you should work on the following tips to get it right:

  • First of all, make a list of all the ideas that you have in mind. Don’t try to arrange the ideas. Instead, just write down the rough ideas that you have in mind or the things you want to try or want to place on the dessert table. Don’t think about whether they will fit onto the table or not or what theme you should choose. It is important that you just write down a rough detail of everything so you can choose later.
  • After that, think of the masterpiece for your dessert table. The masterpiece should take the most consideration and everything else will fall into place itself. Think about what you want to place as a centerpiece of your table. Also consider the size of the table that you are putting up. For example, if you are putting up a small table then a very big cake on it won’t leave a place for anything else. Therefore, consider smartly and choose your masterpiece before everything else. The cake you choose should be the focal point of the table and therefore, it should look attractive, appealing and mouth-watering.
  • Don’t try to make everything very fancy because thing way you will over-do the table. Instead of looking sleek, attractive and chic, it will look tacky and cheap. Therefore, put some pieces on the table those are simple as well. For example, you can place simple cake pops, lollipops or simple chocolate glazed doughnuts. The stands you are using for your desserts should be simpler as well. If you are using a glittery stand for the cake, then don’t use glittery stands for everything else. Keep the other things a bit simpler to create a sophisticated effect.
  • You should decide on a colour palette or a theme as well. You don’t have to use just one colour and go with it but instead choose around three to four colours so it will not look boring and over-do of one colour but instead; it will look colourful yet simple. If your food is going to be colourful and bright, then opt for simpler colours. However, if the food is going to be simple, then choose bright colours for the décor.
  • You may think now that you will be able to create the whole dessert table by yourself but this is not practical. You will definitely need help because otherwise you will be doing everything by yourself and you will eventually compromise on the quality of the desserts. Therefore, if you are not able to get help then you should order out some things. Or, you can also buy some things from the store. For example, you should buy the lollipops and cadies from the store instead of trying to make them yourself.
  • Add some sparkle to your dessert table to give it a fun look. For example, you can use sparkly utensils or cake stands. If you can’t use these, then you can use glitter and sparkly on the wall behind the table and decorate it brightly.

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