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The Perks of Hiring a Commercial Painter

Painters who provide their services for projects that are given by businesses are known as commercial painters. Commercial painting projects are mostly bigger as compared to a residential painting project. Due to the fact that the projects are bigger and done on walls made of different materials than that of a residential house, the price for a commercial painting project is higher and the equipment required is also a bit different.

Many commercial painters in London have a large workforce with them and can provide their services even for urgent projects and due to the fact that they have the equipment and basic facilities in place to do the job, most tasks can be completed before the deadline.

For the painters who are interested in commercial painting here are a few things that you need to consider before taking up a project:

The material you are painting on:

Painting agencies who solely take up projects of residential painting will have an experience of working mostly on materials like wood and siding while commercial painters who work solely with businesses will have to work on a wider range of materials such as stucco, metal, concrete as well as the material used for homes.

Size of your project:

Business is a group of people working together, therefore need more space than a house and thus have bigger projects to offer. This means that the project will require more complex planning and a larger workforce for the project. A commercial painting company doesn’t just consist of painters; their staff will have people who are dedicated to the planning and organization of the project. They have to be ready and be equipped with all the materials and equipment’s required for the job.


To complete your work before the deadline you have to follow a time line as the reputation of your agency is at stake. Not completing the job on time can be very bad for your reputation. Commercial painters should be flexible with their timings because unlike residential painting which is done mostly during the daylight; commercial painters have to work at night and on weekends as the businesses are open during the day for their customers.

The requirement of supplies:

An experienced commercial painting agency must know exactly how much supplies will be needed to complete the project. A quality commercial painting service provider will provide you with exactly what you need, keeping the nature of your business in mind. For instance, a building with a lot of traffic will require a more durable paint and various protective coatings in order to withstand the wear and tear. A commercial painter must be ready for all sorts of materials required for the job.

Commercial painters in London usually provide you with a variety of services such as epoxy flooring or coating, sandblasting, power washing and surface preparation. Depending on the requirements of your project a commercial painting agency might be able to meet a number of your demands without you having to look for other agencies. Due to the fact that a commercial painting team has a number of painters each with varying experience in different fields they are more able to provide you with a unique job and a quality service.


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