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Scrap Car Removal in Sydney: Make your Contribution to the Environment

A car you thought you could get repaired, a car you thought would be repaired enough to be of use in an emergency one day. Yet it’s been 5 years, and it isn’t moving from the lawn. What do you do? You sell it to a company that pays cash for Scrap Cars in Sydney. Many of the scrap removal services are looking for vehicles like yours that can be recycled and used as further products.


So if the following applies to your car then you most probably have a scrap car in your possession;

  • Is your vehicle very old?
  • Has it run out of insurance?
  • Did it have no insurance?
  • Is the body full of dents and deformed?
  • Is the engine or the gearbox usable?
  • Would the vehicle prove to be harmful to the environment to put back on the road?
  • Does the cost of the work needed to make it run be more than the value of what the car already is?

Scrapping your car can make you extra cash. The money you will receive by giving your car as scrap will depend on many different things. Most scrap car removal services pay a rate which is in line with current scrap prices. This figure can be subject to change and they can vary. Most of the services will check to see if you have created any extra weight to the car. There may be garbage, any non-metal items or any other kind of junk. It’s always recommended to check the vehicle carefully before passing it on for scrap to be sure you haven’t left any personal or important things in it.

This service received lots of criticism in the starting period of its launch but now it has been widely accepted and it is considered to be one of the most popular options to dispose of the scrap cars in Sydney. However, you go for this scheme in order to scrap your car, you would have to undertake several legal procedures so that you are on the right path and you can proceed in accordance with the law. When you strictly go in accordance with the law, you would not have to face any legal complications and at the same time, you would also know that the entire process is carried out in environmentally safe ways.

The scrap car scheme would actually be applicable to your car if it weighs less than 4 tons. You must also be the registered owner of that particular vehicle at least before one year from the time of taking advantage of the service. You can take advantage of the service in many ways. The dealer would check all your documents properly and once all the documents are verified it would then be sent to the yard of the scrap car.

Scrapping your car would feel great especially the fact that you have contributed a lot to the environment. Statistics say the current rate of pollution is so high that it is important for everyone to follow this particular service.


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