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Right Choice Of Tubular Batteries, Leading To More Power!


Power is what that is needed to drive everything in this current world. We have a various source of power at our home, offices and at each and every place as it makes our life simpler. We have inverters for providing the continuous source of power and for the inverters we need batteries. But most of the people often get confused what type of batteries will be needed for their system. One such type which is becoming very popular is tubular batteries. So, we will be discussing about these batteries and their characteristics as well.

What are tubular batteries?

The tubular battery is a type of lead-acid battery which is used in applications like home power backup, electric propulsion of vehicles, solar equipment etc. They are the “deep discharge” kind of batteries which means that you will get a small amount of current of around 5–10Amps for a very long period of time, say, 12–24 hours. Their life ranges from 4 to 8 years.

How to choose?

Some companies may offer tubular batteries at a very low price as compared to the known companies. But if you buy from them, you will be compromising with the quality and they result in an accident as well. So you need to be very careful while buying these batteries. You can get the tubular battery online at the great price from a good brand. Its quality depends on its spine tubes which are cast in three different modes:

Gravity type casting

The gravity typecasting is lower among these three end manufacturing technique. The machine used to have such type of casting cost around 50,000 rupees only. So the quality produced by this machine is not very good.

Low Pressure Casting

This is the second widely used technique in manufacturing spine tubes of tubular batteries. It is a second-grade technique.

HADI Typecasting

High-pressure type casting method is the third method and it is most reliable from the above two mentioned method. Many top brands use this technology to manufacture the batteries. The batteries made from this technique are generally:

  1. Corrosion resistant
  2. Resistance to High Temperatures
  3. Low self-discharge
  4. Resistance to abuse (overcharge protection)
  5. Lightning fast Recharge
  6. Have quick recovery if discharged deeply
  7. Extra-long Life for frequent and long power cuts areas
  8. Expected Life – Must have 800 to 1000 cycles of deep discharges as compared to small brands with 300 to 400 cycles.

So you need to see what will be the type of material and method of manufacturing of your battery so you do not have to regret later. You can always go for the trusted brand names and get the quality assured battery online as well. Therefore, keep these points in mind for tubular battery online shopping India.

Characteristics of Tubular Batteries

Some common characteristics which are shown by the tubular batteries are mentioned below:

  1. The good electric performance
  2. Adequate battery life
  3. The low reserve on the lead
  4. The low reserve of active material
  5. Must be sensitive to the active material which shortens the battery life