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Polished plasters: affordable or expensive?

Polished plaster in the UK has an amazing outlook. Have you ever went to a place where the polished plaster finish was just so amazing that for a few moments you were lost in the schematic of the room? You would forget to greet the people there but you cannot take your eyes off the perfection represented by the walls. The textures and colors of the room mesmerize you to an extent that you space out for a few seconds.


Polished plaster is an interesting substitute to paints and wallpapers that you have been using before for interior decoration. It is worth the admiration because it adds a specific flavor to the wall which is a modern yet classic look. What is more amazing is that there is a full range of designs and colors available to go with any theme you might have set for the room.

This one of a kind style dates back to the Roman Empire where the artists of the time discovered this technique. It was prevalent in its time and after that, it was forgotten about. Then during the sixteenth century, it was revived by Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Since those times, there have been improvements in this method which has greatly improved the quality of the plaster finish we have today.

It is not just for looks and show, it is durable as well. This finish is highly waterproof and does not chip off easily. The key ingredients of this amazing polish are marbles, fine plaster and lime putty and these things added with various colors and different application methods form a very adaptable and strong product.

You could say that there is very little chance of error or imperfection. A good plasterer can try so many options available in the market but no two looks can be identical. A creative person in charge of the preparation will make a beautiful, lasting finish and in various shades as well.

The question that is probably buzzing in your head is, is it expensive? The answer is a big yes. Any man-made item this attractive carries a big price tag. So despite being fascinated by the amazing polished plaster finish, you decide to not ask for the company or service that does this kind of work. No matter what marvels the interior designing industry comes up with, the expense is way out of your budget. It is a luxury for those who can afford it.

So, yes, polished plaster in the UK can be quite costly but that is not the case with all the manufacturing companies. There are some companies that specialize in various polished plaster finishes like Venetian, Pitted, Duturo and Tadelakt. Their products are somewhat affordable for most people. Some decorative plasterers have their ways to keep costs as low as possible. They offer applications that do not require covering the whole area but they do it in such a way that the look is complete.


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