Lindsey Anderson, internationally known as One-Click Lindsey is among the top digital marketing experts working with small business owners.  One-Click Lindsey is the founder of Web Impakt that has been in operation for a decade. This incredible digital marketing expert together with her team specialize in creating beautiful web pages for enterprise level systems.  Lindsey helps you utilize these web pages to generate more traffic and leads fueling your online marketing strategy to success.  Her goal is to drive customers to visit your website and make ONE CLICK into your world. This digital marketing expert is not nicknamed One-Click Lindsey for amusement, she is also the founder of traffic and leads.com and she uses her proven techniques to get you the traffic and leads. You will end up getting that click and guide you on what to do with it. One –Click Lindsey is among the digital marketing experts in landing pages, email sequences, search engine optimization. Data analytics, social media, pay-per clicks ads, websites, blogging, she is the whole package. In her traffic and leads podcasts, Lindsey interacts with other top digital marketing experts in her interviews where they share traffic tips: twitter, social media, basic SEO, DIY Facebook Ads, email marketing etc. Lindsey’s company traffic and leads focuses on the latest online marketing techniques and has weekly podcast each with a short intro and then goes into the tips for online marketing.

Data analytics is an assortment of applications that help business increase revenues, improve operational efficiency, and optimize marketing campaigns and customer service efforts. The ultimate goal is improving the business performance by responding fast to emerging market trends while gaining a competitive edge over your competitors. As an e-commerce small business owner, you should often do click stream analysis to identify websites visitors, and their page viewing patterns so as to identify their needs. Digital marketing experts who are good at business analytics will examine the customer data and strategize on how to prevent defections to your rivals, and segment customers for marketing campaigns and equip call center workers with up-to date information.

Among the recommended digital marketing experts in data and analytics:

Dan Zarella-an award winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of “The Science of Marketing; when to tweet, what to post and how to blog”.

Daniel Weisberg-founder of Online Behavior and analytics advocate at Google. Daniel is the author of the Google Analytics Integrations.

Annie Cushing– oversees analytics and reporting responses for her clients and is the founder of Annielytics

Eric Peterson– senior partner and founder of Analytics Demystified, a web analytics and consulting firm.


For decades we have been using emails as a formal communication tool. Therefore, when we craft mails, publish them but the click-throughs are low it becomes frustrating. Great digital marketing experts know that a well-crafted email with well-structured sentences won’t automatically do the trick but should satisfy the following attributes:

  • Trustworthy
  • Relevant
  • Conversational
  • Strategic
  • Well-coordinated with other links

Intelligent emails, auto responder based on your contact list and behavioral data with embedded RSS based data and other conditional markets will give more opens, clicks and high ROI. Visit the trafficandleads.com and listen to One-Click Lindsey podcasts where she talks about how to create an extensive contact data spanning from age, gender, location, interest and social profiles and how to create subscription forms for your website to allow visitors to view your campaigns.

Email marketing is a hard task and you could use some help from digital marketing experts who will take full creative control, manage your ISP relations, send text follow ups to your contacts and integrate WordPress, CRMs or other payments systems.

Jordie Van Rijinmarketing consultant and founder of Email Monday, and recognized by Cision among the top Email Marketing Influencers.

Justin Jordan– organizes email design conference in Boston and is the marketing director at Litmus.

Chad white- research director at Litmus, a provider of email creation, preview and analytics tools.

Lorren McDonald – vice president of Industry Relations where he educates clients and prospects on the best practices and emerging marketing automation and social marketing trends.

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