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What are the Various Forms of Rummy Card Game?

Rummy is a fun game to play and one that manages to offer you immense fun right from the start. This is a fun strategic card game where you do need to play the best way you can in order to immerse yourself and take the gameplay to new heights. But there are multiple types of Rummy game on the market, so with that in mind let’s explore some of the best and most diverse rummy titles out there.



This type of rummy can be played in the US and Europe. The idea here is that players need to meld their 13 cards by forming sets of equal ranked cards and runs. The game is designed in order to be simple yet a lot of fun to play and that’s what makes it very easy to approach and a really exciting experience as a whole.

Three Thirteen

The objective for Three Thirteen is that you need to form all the cards in your hand into combinations and there are 2 valid combinations. You either have a set or group or a run or sequence.

Indian Rummy: Paplu

Indian Rummy is an interesting take on rummy that requires strategy and a great attention to detail. It’s a very fun game and one that you can play alongside your friends and family without a problem. The main approach here is that you have to focus on creating groups before your opponents.


Umtali is a unique rummy title that has unusual rules and it’s popular only in remote places in Asia. It’s still a lot of fun to play and really exciting.

Seven Bridge

Seven Bridge is a rummy game very popular in Japan and in this particular game the sevens have a very special role. They make or break the game which is why you have to pay extra attention to them.


Loba is played in Argentina and it’s played with 2 decks which makes it a lot of fun, varied and diverse. The interesting thing is that the game does use jokers and they do tend to make the game even more fun.


In Proter the game has 13 deals and each one has a different wild card. It’s a very popular game for the Sri Lanka region.


Vazhushal is a type of Indian Rummy but it differs because it allows you to take more than a single card from the discard pile. This does offer multiple new options and it does make the game a lot more fun than ever before which is a true plus.

No matter what type of rummy you want to play, you can be rest assured that these are a lot of fun and they will offer you a very good gameplay. If you are bored with regular rummy and want to try out something new these are surely some great options you can focus on!

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