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Importance of STD Testing and Treatment

Diseases that are spread through sexual intercourse are called sexually transmitted disease. STDs are passed from one person to another by unprotected sex. Sexual intercourse without the use of condoms is known as unprotected sex. The sexually transmitted disease should be treated as soon as possible, as long-term health problems can occur. If you are unaware of what STD is, you must visit a health care center for STD Testing and Treatment in Houston. People who are sexually active and have unprotected sexual intercourse with multiple partners are probably most susceptible to carry and transmit STDs.

Most common types of STDs are:

  • Chlamydia
  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Herpes
  • Trichomoniasis

Chlamydia is the most common Sexually Transmitted disease. Most women do not have symptoms for chlamydia but men may have pain when they pass urine or have discharge. Some women might experience bleeding after sexual intercourse. Chlamydia is easily treatable with the help of medication. Gonorrhea is also a common sexually transmitted disease. Gonorrhea causes pain when urinating and unusual discharge from penis or vagina. It can be cured with the help of proper medication.


If you are suffering from pelvic pain or have a burning sensation while urinating, it might indicate that you are infected with the sexually transmitted disease. In some cases, people often experience abnormal discharge from their genitals. Some STDs are easily identified, like herpes. In Herpes, blisters break open on face and lips and form an ulcer.

If any of your previous or current sexual partners are tested positive for STD, even if you do not have any Sexually transmitted disease symptoms, you must get tested for STDs.


If you have any unusual symptoms or pain in your genitals, you should get tested for STDs right away. Most healthcare clinic can discretely carry out a medical test for your STDs. You can also purchase a urine test kit from your clinic or pharmacy to find out if you have STDs or not. Blood test kits are also available in the pharmacy to find out if you have STDs like syphilis and HIV. For your convenience, you should visit a medical laboratory and have a complete blood and urine test for the sexually transmitted disease. If you test positive for an STD, you have to consult a physician, so your medical treatment can begin according to your physician’s recommendations.


Clinics for STD Testing and Treatment in Houston are very helpful, once you are tested positive for STD, they can guide you towards recovery and treatment. Once you find out that you are infected with STD, you should contact all your previous sexual partners, so they can also get tested and treated if they carry any STDs.

Untreated STDs are very dangerous and it is recommended that you get treated as soon as possible because with the right treatment you can easily recover from STDs. But if STDs are left untreated the infection could spread from genitals to other parts of the body and in some cases, it can cause infertility in patients. It is essential that you get proper medical care at the right time because health is the most important thing.


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