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Importance of Solar Screens at Home

Solar screens are considered to be one of the most effective ways to lower energy bills. You can lower down your energy bills by installing solar screens, it will stop the heat transmission through windows and doors. It works as a barrier and maintains your view. Interior products, awnings and window film, cannot compete with the energy efficiency of solar screens. You can get solar screens in Tucson, AZ easily. Solar screens are high in demand, extremely pet resistant, PVC coated and are made up of polyester material.

What color of the solar screen should you opt for?

You should opt for darker shades as they are more effective and also provide the best view. However,  solar screens are available in a number of different colors and you should opt for the color you will be happy with and will go well with the interior of your home.

Which doors or windows you should cover with solar screens?

The recommended order should be as follows:

  • Make sure you cover all west and east facing windows
  • You can also cover all south windows.
  • But to cover the north windows is not suggested.

Solar screens are easy to install external to all windows. It is recommended not to use the frames of insect screens. The net of solar screens is heavier than insect screen and the frame of insect screen is not suitable to hold the weightier materials. The majority of companies uses the 3/4″ framing or even less than that because it makes their manufactured goods less costly and they feel as they are more competitive. But the truth is this that this kind of materials has a shortens lifespan and does not serve the user well. It is suggested to get the solar screens in Tucson, AZ installed by a professional.

It is better to opt for a 1″ frame and the best frame would be aluminum frame compared to a roll frame. Some of the issues with insect screen frame are the material as it will eventually pull out, frames will sag and the bends will appear. When you remove these frames to clean window they can be bent easily, but the aluminum frames hardly break or bend. In actual fact, if a vehicle run over them and they won’t be crushed, whereas if you step on a roll frame it will be smashed easily.

The ultimate advantage of solar screens is that they work, whether you keep your windows open or closed and it can easily be detached in winter to let the sun beam. But it is suggested to keep them in its place during the winter time because the solar screen’s fabric has the benefit of reducing the wind chill effect across the surface of the window’s, in that way it will reduce the heat loss. Another benefit of solar screens includes less carpet fading, drape and curtain fading, and keep the insect out even when the windows are open. Solar screens do not come in contact with the glass, it will help to extend the life of the glass on your windows by not letting the scorching heat build up and cause the window seals to break.


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