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How to protect yourself from fungal infections this summer


The sweat of the summer can be unbearable and can pave way for fungal infections. Even though you can rely on ketomac cream uses in Hindi to cope up with infections, you need to avoid them from occurring. The heat of the summer would force you to perspire than the normal self. This provides a conducive environment for the growth of fungal infections.

Public showers and pools

If you have the habit of using a public pool in your locality or a splash at a river, the possibility of athlete’s food increases. This is a form of fungal infection causing itchiness, redness and between toes cracked skin

To avoid it when you are using public shower facilities wear flip flops. In addition make sure that the area between your toes is dry.

Sweaty shoes and socks

If you are working a lot of wear closed shoes to work exposure to sweaty socks is common paving way for a perfect environment for athletes’ food to emerge. Application of ketomac medicine would alleviate the symptoms to a considerable level as it is devoid of harsh chemicals.

In order to prevent it allow your feet to breathe. You can opt for open toed shoes or go barefoot whenever you can. Do wear clean and dry socks, and once you are done with exercising keep away the sweaty pair of socks.

Humid and hot weather

Impetigo ceases to be a skin infection contagious prevalent in young children. Lesions emerge on the exposed regions of the arms and legs and extend to your face. They start off as red patches leading to blisters. Kids are more prone to this condition during the summer months as bacteria likes to thrive in warm conditions.

To avoid it watch out for the close scrapes or even insect bites could spread through the medium of such wounds. Do ask your kids to wash your hands properly once they play outside.

Sweaty clothing and underwear

Jock itch which is the main fungus responsible for causing athletes food is rated to be an itchy rash that emerges between the thighs and the  scrum could lead to other parts of the groin. You pick up this fungus at the gym or when you are pulling your pants it can spread from the feet to your groin. During the hot weather this can become worse as hot along with sultry conditions encourage the fungus to grow.

Do make it a point that you wear lose fitting cloth and between gym sessions change your underwear. Sticking to cotton underwear is a better choice as synthetic materials can pave way for more sweating.

Wet swimwear

Staying in wet swimwear during the summer months makes you susceptible to vaginal yeast infections as it fosters the perfect environment for a fungus to thrive.

When you are out at the pool do carry a pair of dry clothes and after bathing change immediately.

These are the common tips that can help you combat yeast infections


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