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How to be Prepared About Your Baby’s Sleeping Needs?

You would be excited about setting up your baby’s sleeping area, but the chances are really higher that you might also get lost in the variety of furniture and bedding options available in the market.

Hence, focus on getting sheets and blankets to ease out the buying process. Buy sheets that can easily fit in the bedding you are planning to put your baby to sleep-in. Sheets with good fitting will help you save time as they will stay in place and you won’t have to make your baby’s bed again and again.


You can choose the sheets from cotton, woven cotton to brushed flannelette which will give a warm and cozy feel to your baby’s skin. You can look for cellular baby blankets in Sydney which will give you privilege to add or remove the layers or covers to set the right temperature for your baby. In case, your baby is going to sleep in a cold room, try getting acrylic cellular blankets and if you are planning to buy woolen blankets, check and confirm if they are machine washable or not. Polyester blankets should be preferred on a cold day as it can make your baby too hot on normal days.

You can also use swaddling blankets to swaddle your baby until he starts rolling over onto her tummy during sleep. These swaddling blankets can help you make your baby settle down, although some kids can be quite exceptions!

Sleeping bags can also be an alternative as lots of parents prefer sleeping bags to baby blankets as babies aren’t able to kick off these sleeping bags in their sleep and hence no disturbance while sleeping. It will also prevent your baby from wriggling down under the covers. It’s important for you to ensure that you choose the sleeping bags that are made for newborns so that your baby won’t slip down inside the bag while sleeping.

In case, you live in a place with very hot and humid climate, you may only need to put your baby in a nappy and a normal sleeping bag.

It’s recommended by the pediatricians to not to use duvets or pillows until your baby’s twelve months old. These bed accessories can restrict your baby’s movement and might also make him feel too hot. Sheets, sleeping bags and baby blankets in Australia should be enough until your baby moves to a big bed.


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