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Goodbye Gen X, It Is Time To Court The Next Generation Customer

Humans stand straight because the spinal cord supports our body, similarly an organisation stands upright because they are nurturing their back bone i.e. the customers. A successful business is built up on the trust and loyalty received from customers. Customer loyalty is also the key to business profitability. It is high time for call centres to brace their seatbelts because the roller-coaster ride to drive Millennials and attract them to purchase your product or services will be one hell of a ride. This generation is smart, intelligent, technologically adroit and emotionally less driven. Playing your emotional card with the X generation might have led your way to triumphant victory, but not Generation Y, either you have to make an “all in” move or back out immediately.

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Businesses need to attract the next generation in order to succeed. This generation is all set to take over and surpass the Gen X. Challenging yet exciting for businesses; this generation is very different from the past biological group. Therefore, call centre solutions provider must start adapting new methods and techniques to serve these customers.

Here, are a few important strategies to woo millennials in order to grow your business:
Initiating engagement
According to a study performed by American Press Institute found that people around the age 18-34 invest a huge amount of time with social media channels. A massive number of millennials are associated and registered on various social media platform. Companies collaborating with call centre solutions provider must direct them to initiate engagement with customers through social media platforms and it is where a heap of your proactive customer appointments will take place.

Theoretically initiating engagement with customers through social media isn’t a difficult concept, but is practically difficult. Companies must appoint adept representatives to handle their social media accounts instead of assigning some 12 year old kid who is “good with Facebook or Twitter.”

Don’t creep out your customers as a cyber stalker; rather help them with essential and sufficient information to be successful with your proactive engagement actions.

Provide options
The next generation customers are comfortable with ‘options’, and almost need them is large quantities. Customised and personalised product to suit customers need, taste and occasion must become a crucial aspect for companies dealing with various product and services. The Y generations are driven towards the concept of options. If you are a clothing industry then offer customers with color, fabric, quality, design options to become the ‘happy to go lucky’ business.

Intense personal touch
There is a thin line between being helpful and being weird. Intense personalisation of products and services need core knowledge about customers. Representatives working to provide best call centre solutions must be avail to figure out customer’s wants and needs. Proper information about the customer is beneficial to serve customers with a dash of personal touch. Giving is caring, companies must practice the habit of sending coupons to customers based on their internet habit.

Bonding between the customer and the company
The relationship between customer and company is always important to transmit a better and successful business growth. Seek opinions from your millennial customers to stay updated on their requirements and provide them accordingly. This may sound bizarre, but giving customers a chance or platform to praise you or mock you will actually give your company a boost. Apparently, including millennials will help companies develop future product and services effectively.

Customers seek answers and quality services from organisations especially the new generation. They are smart enough to nullify defected and outdated services. Goofing-around with a Gen X might have helped you sale a couple of products. But the next groups of mankind counter-attack call centre agents with numerous questions to extract every detail about the organisation. It is not only hard to fool them but almost impossible to convince them too. If you want to make your business reach worldwide recognition then it is crucial to display your brand components consistently in the market and communicate with customers through various communication channels including websites, social media platforms, email marketing, letterheads, press kits and product packaging.


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